Practical Joke in Progress

Practical Joke in Progress

*The biggest practical joke of this country*

Seven years ago, a man said that there was a scam of millions of crores.

Another man took to a movement to explain the matter to the public.

A third woman went with him, then a fourth man also connected.

The fifth man played out another movement to explain 2G scam to the public.

The sixth man took it to the supreme court.

The seventh man compiled all their hard work and asked the public to vote against this scandal.

*After seven years…*

All accused are acquitted…

That was not even a scam…


The first man (Vinod Rai) has become the boss of BCCI and gets a Padma Bhushan.

The second man Anna Hazare is silent and gets Z+ security.

The third woman (Kiran Bedi) is Deputy Governor.

Fourth Man (Arvind Kejriwal) is Chief Minister of Delhi.

The fifth man (Ramdev) became a successful businessman and is minting millions with his micro scams.

The sixth man (Subramaniam Swamy) became an MP and still playing.

And the seventh man became the

Prime Minister of India.

And we all became fools…

This is called a joke in the truest of sense…


Mere Bhart-iya Mahan

#Hindu kya aur kya #Musalman



  1. भक्त to पगला गए हैं

  2. बिबि सही है भाई मगर भकभ अनधे है उउ कु समझ में नहीं आतआ है

    1. बिल्कुल सही है भाई मगर भक्तों को समझ थोथो देर ससेआयेगा

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